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Alyssa & Ethan | Indianapolis, IN | Wedding Story

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer, Meridian Hills Country Club Wedding

Alyssa & Ethan, The first thing I love about both of you is that you’re high school sweethearts. My husband and I being high school sweet hearts too, I understand the beautiful journey it’s taken you both to get where you are today. You’ve seen a lot already together, and you’ve grown together when others might have fallen a part. Your seemingly effortless happiness together is refreshing. Even though you’ve probably both changed since you first met, the love that you share remains confident and secure. It…


Anna & David | Lafayette, IN | Wedding Story

Lafayette Indiana Photographer, Lafayette Indiana Wedding

Anna & David, Your day was a dream. It was filled to the brim with joy! As a photographer I pray and hope for couples like you two. Putting Christ at the center of your marriage sets you up to continually grow in the love the Lord calls us into. The soft joy and peace that you both possessed on this day was something I pray you continue to have throughout the years. Anna, you are so beautiful! Inside and out, I truly mean it….


Lauren & Luke | Bay Village, OH | Engagement Session

Cleveland Ohio Photographer, Cleveland Ohio Engagement Session

Lauren & Luke, I’ll start by saying I love you. Lauren, I have always loved you. In the times we’ve laughed, in the times we’ve cried, even in the times we’ve fought. I can’t tell you the joy it has brought me to have you as my little sister. I’ve had the pleasure of  being one step ahead and watching you fall, learn, grow and get back up again. You’re an encouragement to me and I love the way that we fill each other up…


Kristin & Steven | Mooresville, IN | Engagement Session

Indianapolis Indiana Photographer, Indianapolis Engagement Session

This couple is so very dear to my heart. Kristin and I immediately clicked. I remember running to my car in the rain with no umbrella after meeting her and just thanking the Lord for the people he brings into my life. Kristin instantly felt like a friend I’ve known for years. I feel like she was the Lords way of reminding me on that day that He is in control and cares so deeply for my heart and desires to serve Him and love people…


Catherine & Carl | Indianapolis, IN | Engagement Session

Indianapolis Indiana Photographer, Indianapolis Engagement Session, Indianapolis Art Center

When I first met Catherine and Carl, it was over Skype one evening. Because of the distance we didn’t have the convenience of meeting in person, but over the course of an hour I had very quickly came to the realization that they are very much my type of people. These two care about each other beyond what words can describe. So much so that when I asked them to tell me what they first recognized about one another that made them realize that they were the…