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Kristin & Steven | Willowfield Lavender Farm | Mooresville, IN | Wedding Story

Kristin & Steven, Your day was full of so much joy. I knew we’d laugh together and I am just in love with how it felt to watch the two of you soak up every single moment you had on this very special day. The emphasis you put into having your day be a light to the people around you because of your love for Jesus was incredible, refreshing and so so powerful. It’s not every day that I get to worship along side one…


McCaela & Nick | Indianapolis, IN | Engagement Session


Joy. The word I would use to describe this couple would definitely be joy, pure joy. Meeting McCaela and Nick was like reminiscing with old friends you only get to see every once and a while, where every time things just pick up where they left off… They are genuine, full of laughter, and beautiful through and through. Nick loves his girl in a way that is tender but strong and confident. It’s evident in the way he holds her tightly but so softly and even in how…