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Madeline & Ned | Indianapolis, IN | Engagement Session

What a joy it was to finally meet this sweet couple! When Madeline & Ned booked me for their wedding this year I was thrilled, they are such a sweet couple in love full of style and class. I knew immediately that we’d be an amazing fit, and then when Madeline suggested we photograph their engagement session this spring in her parents garden I squealed with excitement! It’s always special to me, and my couples, to be able to photograph them in a location that…


Julie & Bryce | Indianapolis, IN | Engagement Session

The love Julie and Bryce have for each other is easy. Their interactions display a softness and a sweetness, they can make jokes about each other and in the same minute their eyes will lock and it’s as if the world around them melts away. Not to mention, they are absolutely beautiful together! The way Bryce looks at his bride to be is one full of tenderness and adoration, and would you blame him? She radiates the sweetest most innocent beauty! I’ve never seen two people…


Jenny & Chad | Chicago, IL | Engagement Session

Art Institute of Chicago Engagement Session, Chicago Illinois Wedding Photographer

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and I’m beyond thankful that my job allows me to meet sweet new friends and explore such beautiful cities! The more I travel the more I’ve realized that I can feel at home just about anywhere. The way Jenny and Chad welcomed me to explore their home city in Chicago was nothing short of special. After getting to know the two of them a little better over a glass of wine, we headed out to explore the…


McCaela & Nick | Indianapolis, IN | Engagement Session


Joy. The word I would use to describe this couple would definitely be joy, pure joy. Meeting McCaela and Nick was like reminiscing with old friends you only get to see every once and a while, where every time things just pick up where they left off… They are genuine, full of laughter, and beautiful through and through. Nick loves his girl in a way that is tender but strong and confident. It’s evident in the way he holds her tightly but so softly and even in how…


Tori & John | Vermillion, OH | Engagement Session

Vermillion Engagement Session, Cleveland Ohio Photographer

Tori & John, It is ALWAYS an honor when family asks me to be the one to capture such sweet intimate moments, and your love story is no exception. All day we waited and prayed the rain away and I’m SO GLAD we did. The orange and red sunset sky at Linwood Park Beach painted a picture that represented exactly who the two of you are: soft, graceful and intimate. I squealed then about how gorgeous it was that very night and I do again as I…


Lauren & Luke | Bay Village, OH | Engagement Session

Cleveland Ohio Photographer, Cleveland Ohio Engagement Session

Lauren & Luke, I’ll start by saying I love you. Lauren, I have always loved you. In the times we’ve laughed, in the times we’ve cried, even in the times we’ve fought. I can’t tell you the joy it has brought me to have you as my little sister. I’ve had the pleasure of  being one step ahead and watching you fall, learn, grow and get back up again. You’re an encouragement to me and I love the way that we fill each other up…


Kristin & Steven | Mooresville, IN | Engagement Session

Indianapolis Indiana Photographer, Indianapolis Engagement Session

This couple is so very dear to my heart. Kristin and I immediately clicked. I remember running to my car in the rain with no umbrella after meeting her and just thanking the Lord for the people he brings into my life. Kristin instantly felt like a friend I’ve known for years. I feel like she was the Lords way of reminding me on that day that He is in control and cares so deeply for my heart and desires to serve Him and love people…


Catherine & Carl | Indianapolis, IN | Engagement Session

Indianapolis Indiana Photographer, Indianapolis Engagement Session, Indianapolis Art Center

When I first met Catherine and Carl, it was over Skype one evening. Because of the distance we didn’t have the convenience of meeting in person, but over the course of an hour I had very quickly came to the realization that they are very much my type of people. These two care about each other beyond what words can describe. So much so that when I asked them to tell me what they first recognized about one another that made them realize that they were the…


Elyse & Phil | Indianapolis, IN | Engagement Session

Indianapolis War Memorial Fine Art Engagement Session

Y’all, I just feel like every session I shoot is my favorite session! My favorite thing about my job is having couples that trust me and allow me to experiment and grow as a photographer… I only recently began the journey of learning to shoot film along side digital and I just adore that my couples appreciate the time it takes to create such timeless images. When I met Elyse, I was blown away, is she not gorgeous?!! Her style is impeccable, classic, and chic. I love…


Sindu & Andrew | Indianapolis, IN | Engagement Session

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From the moment I met these two I could tell they are just a bundle of joy. The way Sindu watched Andrew as he speaks and the way Andrew speaks his love to Sindu is soft and sweet. As we explored the White River State Park, downtown Indianapolis, I very quickly got a glimpse into the life that these two have together. This couple is mostly long distance, but when they are together, they soak up every second of each others presence. Sindu and Andrew were…